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The Frenchie Escapes Design

I created The Frenchie Escapes in 2015 which had a basic design at first. After establishing my website and blog and a couple of years of adventures - I decided I needed a whole rebrand to show the creativity, fun and passionate side of The Frenchie Escapes. I drew and designed the bird on my logo - the stern bird, which is the longest distance traveling bird in the world, to show my thirst for adventures and curiosity.

The colours I choose reminds me of the ocean, the sky and also red for Australia and its dirt roads and finally green for the beautiful bush we also have here. Colours that are linked to my adventures in Australia but also around the world.

I hope this design inspires you to discover more about The Frenchie Escapes
and make you want to explore!

The Frenchie Escapes - my own website & brand

Brand identity, Logo, Stationery, Web Design

Full re-brand in 2017 and recent updates in 2019

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