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Photographs of Vietnam

In September 2014, right before landing in Australia for good, I decided to get on a trip in Vietnam. 

The first part of my trip was to discover Halong Bay. I saw many pictures and heard a lot about it but I never thought it would be so beautiful. For two full days, we stayed on a traditional vietnamese boat and sailed around the bay, enjoying the landscape, the hot breeze and relaxing.

I discovered a totally new place on earth and it was purely magic. I enjoyed every second of it. I definitely want to go back there one day and stay a little longer. Halong Bay got my heart!

Then the other parts of my trip were the discovery of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Both cities were extremely busy but interesting to discover. I especially liked Ho Chi Minh City for its history.

Finally, I discovered Hue & Hoi An, in the middle of Vietnam. It was wonderful discovering something else than the big cities and meet local people.I especially loved Hoi Han where I got to bike around beautiful country landscapes. Hue was also really beautiful and unique to discover.

Have you visited Vietnam before?

Make sure to check my video about my trip here!