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Photography Portfolio


Growing up with parents passionate about photography and travels, it’s only natural I also got the travel and photography bug!

I started taking pictures at age 10 in New York City - where I also broke my first camera… - and haven’t stopped since then (and I’m not breaking cameras anymore promise!). From high school to uni, I continued expanding my photography and took various photography jobs from photojournalist to event photographer.

Today, I continue my photography adventures daily and also for various projects with Aussie-based clients.

Travel, nature, ocean, adventure, sports and lifestyle are my favourite categories to photograph but being very adaptable and always up for a new challenge, I also love photographing people and events.

In the same way as I work on graphic design, I pride myself for my professionalism, commitment and positive attitude on all the projects I work on. I love to go the extra mile with clients if it means making a difference for their briefs.

Thinking of a photography project? Get in touch here and have a look at my work below! I am flexible towards your timeline and budget.