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FREELANCE Graphic Design & Creative Concepts

Hi, I’m Marine and I am a freelance graphic designer & photographer living in Sydney, Australia.

This is my graphic design portfolio. If you’re looking for my photography portfolio, head this way.

Since 2014, I’ve worked in various roles in agency and in-house where I’ve been hands-on projects for different clients from the travel to the technology industry. My varied background in journalism, PR and marketing allows me to quickly understand brands and focus on what matters. Graphic design and photography is what I love the most and there’s nothing more amazing to help a customer than bringing their ideas to life.

I am available for freelance projects whether you’re looking for a total brand identity built or re-built, some simple logo design to start with or print design. I am flexible on timelines and budgets. I am passionate about visual aesthetics and would love to help your brand take off visually in this already very busy world. Get in touch!

What I can create for you:
Brand identity: logos, brand guidelines, business cards, letterhead, stickers, mood boards, brand guidelines
Digital design: Email Direct Marketing, Infographics, Social Media Posts and Banners, Digital Whitepapers, Powerpoint Presentations, Squarespace Websites, HTML5 Banners, Resumes
Print design: Brochures, Flyers, Booklets, Wedding & Event Invitations, Posters, Banners




I pride myself for my commitment on the projects I am working on. I take each brief very seriously and I am always interested to dig deeper in why a customer may need a potential re-design or new design. When a deadline is given to me, I always accommodate to meet it and the satisfaction of my customer is more than important. I am committed to make your design perfect and timely.


My friends often say that I bring a lot of positivity, smiles and happiness to a room. I intend to do the same with my work - from the first contact with the customer to the end product. Positivity is something important and that we all need a little bit more in our lives. And what’s best than a project created with a good mood?


Balance is more of a personal value but I still wanted to share it here. Balance can be met in design work but also in personal life. It’s important to feel balanced in life and know what are priorities and when it’s time to take a break. It’s also important in work to deliver the best quality of work and not rush into something without taking the time to think of why and how. Balance is something we may forget in today’s world but nonetheless a very important value.


Obviously creativity is in my DNA being a graphic designer and photographer. Since a very young age, I’ve always loved playing with colours, drawings, painting… I love to express my creativity and bring more creativity to others. Many people think they aren’t creative but we all have a part of creativity inside us which makes it even more unique. Each project I work on, I try to add an extra creative touch which can make a little difference and your design pop out!