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Club Med Design

Working for Club Med as an in-house Design & Content Specialist from 2017 to 2019, I created more than 20 marketing campaigns from visuals to graphics to emails and more.

Club Med is an international company with more than 70 all-inclusive resorts around the world. Club Med is the ideal holiday for families, couples and snow lovers with many mountain destinations in Europe, Japan and China.

Here I selected 5 of my favourite campaigns for Club Med from sales opening campaigns to special flash sales.

Club Med

Marketing Campaigns, Digital Design

2017 to 2019


Summer 2019 Sales Opening focus was on making 2019 holidays count with family & friends. Time to reconnect, to relax and enjoy beautiful and warm destinations in Europe, Asia and the Caribbean. My approach with the gradient style was to bring some warmth, sunshine and happiness through the campaign.



The Asia Flash Sale involved the sale of four resorts in Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. For this flash sale, the creative feel needed to be tropical, punchy and fun to look at. I used various images, strong colours and icons to show all the options and the urgency of the message.



The Island Therapy campaign was one of my favourite being so colourful and dreamy. Here I joined graphics and imagery to create a specific style where you could understand in a snapshot the essence of island life: unwind, immerse and reconnect. Working on several island destinations, it was the perfect visual campaign.


Some more Club Med campaign examples from special offers to sales opening

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