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12 days of travel stories


12 days of travel stories

As the end of the year approaches, my feet are itching for some more travels and since I won't travel internationally till 2018, I shared a few travel stories on my instagram account before Christmas day. A good way to countdown, isn't it? 

But I haven't forgotten about you either dear readers so here's a recap of my 12 stories in one blog post! Hope you enjoy those. 

Happy holidays! 


Day 12 - Planes are the best  ✈️

Some may dread being on a plane, some may love it. I definitely love it! .
Whenever I’m at an airport, it makes me super happy because I know I’m going on a new adventure. I do struggle to sleep in planes and it’s hard to stay still for long, but it’s fine because it’s all too exciting.

My favourite thing? Look at the stars and lightning 🌩 on a night flight! .


Day 11 - Visiting familiar places 🗺

I was thinking, how does it feel to travel in your own country or to a place that is or was familiar?
After three years of living in Australia, I finally went back to Paris this June. It was funny to consider myself as a traveller in a city where I use to live and that I visited countless times.

Yet, I loved rediscovering my favourite spots in Paris, getting lost and capture moments like this one at the Trocadéro with my friends.

Because I think, after all, we appreciate even more familiar places when we are relaxed, visiting and enjoying them rather than getting stuck into the daily routine.


Day 10 - Gotta love a road trip 🚗

Road trips in the USA, so many in Australia, in France to Germany or Portugal, in New Zealand, in Uruguay... so many good memories on each of those

And since I’m living in Australia, I’m even more addicted to road trips! I just love the feeling of getting on the road, discovering new landscapes, having a good playlist and sometimes singing along... 🎤

My little indulgence? Go to Macca’s on a long road trip 🍟🙊 don’t tell me this is a road trip classic! 

My most funny road trip memory was our car breaking down in the middle of the US countryside while driving from North Carolina to Washington D.C. and having to stay overnight in a random city.

And finally, it’s fun to share road trips with loved ones. This picture is from road tripping in Tasmania two years ago with my family and I still vividly remember the winding roads, the lush environment, endless kilometers without seeing a car and the fun of it... I'd road trip there again in a heartbeat! 


Day 9 - living in New South Wales, Australia

I consider myself very lucky to be able to live and travel around Australia and my state of New South Wales so easily and still be in awe of every new corner I’m discovering.

This photo is from the Stockton Sand Dunes, 2.5 hours from Sydney, I’ve been only twice but I really want to go back again as the landscape is so magical and mystical. Plus, there’s so much to explore around like Port Stephens, Newcastle and more!

The landscapes in Australia, whether by the sea or inland, are just incredible. This is also such a big country, you can never go bored of travelling around!


Day 8 - New York City 🗽

I’ve only been twice to New York City but I have so many stories attached to it weirdly

First, a funny one when I went to NYC in August 2001 for the first time with my parents. My mum made me walk countless kilometers to see this building, the flatiron building, because she was obsessed with seeing its unusually shape. I can still remember asking how much long I would have to walk to see it and after probably asking a billion time, we finally made it! I was exhausted but happy we made it and thought this building was quite funny

Of course when I came back for the second time in 2012 before studying in North Carolina, I had to go back to this specific place with such a vivid memory of it. The building was as impressive as I thought it was back then but I didn’t think the walk was that long then! I’m pretty sure we didn’t walk that far in the end, how funny it seemed like forever as a kid!

But I also have a more emotional memory about NYC. As I said above, I discovered the city in August 2001 and passed many times in front of the World Trade Center. Weirdly, we never went up the towers. My dad just didn’t feel like it and I honestly really don’t know why we didn’t go up. Maybe we had a feeling...

Needless to say when 9/11 came and I was just getting out of my school day, I was terribly
shocked and sad of what had happened and
how just a few weeks before I was just standing in front of those towers where people were coming in and out.

So once again when I went back in 2012, I had to visit the memorial which was also super emotional. Just standing in front of those massive fountains and reading each name of every person in those towers was just... I was speechless.

But there’s so many other cool memories I have made with NYC. Getting massive slices of pizzas at the local delicatessen, walks in Central Park or on the high line in the upper west side, Brooklyn views, checking gossip girl spots and more...


Day 7 - I missed a flight... 🛫

This one’s for the mini-meltdowns and struggles of travelling!

Don’t be fooled, getting to this magical island of Kangaroo Island and *finally* be able to observe those funny creatures that are sea lions from Seal Baywasn’t as easy and seamless as I imagined.

Last year, I thought it would be a good idea to leave about 1h30mn before our flight to Adelaide from Sydney. That was on the 27 December, aka one of the most busiest times of the year to fly domestically.

I also thought it would be a good idea to leave only one hour and half in advance given that we had to park the car at the airport (I was living a bit far at the time) and then catch the shuttle from the car park to the airport. 

What I didn’t take into account: car park was full so had to park on the edge hoping it’s ok (I booked before though!), shuttle took forever to come get us, the most insane lines I’ve ever seen for check in, virgin airlines system totally broke down anyway but weirdly they didn’t want to take us.

So missed the flight. And although I was a bit angry but still calm, managing my annoyed French family was another thing. Luckily the VA staff saw my despair on my face and booked us on the next flight, for free! Relieved.

But next problem: we would miss the ferry to Kangaroo Island. And did I mention busiest time of the year? Back to the start: now finding a way to go to Kangaroo island in time to not loose 3 nights of accommodation non-reimbursed. Ouch. Thank god after countless calls with Sealink (who’s staff was so lovely), they booked us on the last ferry of the day! I mean, we even considered flying to kangaroo island. After all that, we made it to this amazing place. 

Moral of the story: take your time before flying during the holiday period, don’t book flights and small ferry transfers to small islands back to back, don’t let your family get into a mini-meltdown. And, have a nice holiday!


Day 6 - Arriving late at night to discover new landscapes!

After traveling through a big part of New Zealand, we finished by settling down for a few nights in Baylys Beach on the north of the north island.

After a long drive we arrived pretty late and saw the relatives of my boyfriend and didn’t get to the place till it was pitch black. And as we arrived in a small sea side town, we really didn’t know what to except nor could see much when we arrived. I still remember though the very rough and heavy noise of waves rumbling down the beach, not far from our little cabin, and wondering what it looked like up there.

So of course when the sun came out in the morning, I just couldn’t wait to see this beach. And I wasn’t disappointed! The light on that morning was just incredible and on top of that, there was no one else on the beach!

I wish we could stay a little longer and that I took a few more pictures with that incredible light. But in the end it was such a nice moment, that’s all that matters really.



Day 5 - if life gives you lemons, make lemonade! 🇰🇷

Last June, I had a 20-hour layover in Seoul, South Korea between my way from Australia to Europe. A little detour but I was determined to make the most of those 20 hours.

I decided really last minute on where to sleep, what to see and get a bit of advice from a dear friend as well. I was running short on time so literally downloaded maps and guides for the plane and figured out what I’d do when on the plane.

What I didn’t expect was an amazing supercity, bustling with energy, between traditions and technology and a totally new scenery for me. Now I just can’t wait to plan a trip back to Seoul and to discover more of South Korea as I am quite unfamiliar with its culture still. Funny fact: I’ve never had Korean BBQ!

So I’m super grateful for having this 20-hour layover between my planes and having discovered a brand new country and culture. You can read all about it here in my blog: 20-hour layover in Seoul: My experience. Random travel opportunities like that are the best! 


Day 4 - Travel photography 📸

What I love about photography when travelling is the spontaneity of it. When I was on this little weekend escape and discovery this new place last month, I was walking over to the headland when I noticed this group of teenagers ready to hit the water.

I already thought it would be a good shot but then they all lined up perfectly with their surfboard and I was so glad I could capture that moment. So I guess that’s true for any travels or escapes, when spontaneity hits it can make amazing pictures!


Day 3 - Wombats, wombats, wombats...

I haven’t posted a wildlife shot in a long time and thought about this funny story while I was camping in in Kangaroo Valley last year. We were at this cute and basic camping called Bendeela and as the sun was setting, wombats and wallabies arrived as well.

It was amazing seeing them so close and observe them munching on the grass. .
What wasn’t amazing though, was once we were sleeping in our tent to hear them literally crunching the grass right next to our tent. I am sure I literally felt one wombat next to me eating extremely loudly. A bit annoying when you want to sleep

At one point of the night, my boyfriend even thought a wombat entered the tent and quickly moved his arms around as to defend himself. Turned out it was just me moving around because I couldn’t sleep, it was so ridiculous, I laughed so hard haha.

So yeah observing wombats is great but sleeping next to them isn’t that fun



Day 2 - Travelling Solo

I absolutely loved travelling solo to this wonderful city and the feeling of freedom when travelling alone was just amazing.

I was surprised at the different reactions I got when I said I was travelling alone (positive and negative) and how weirdly it isn’t yet totally accepted! I wrote a blog post about that which I still didn’t publish but promise it will come out.

Re-discovering San Francisco after 7 years was also really fun. To go back in places I knew, to discover new ones and try to live like the locals! I also met up with a friend I hadn’t seen for almost 5 years!

My favourite part of this solo trip in SF was to hire a bike and bike 12 kilometres in one day around SF. I had so much fun!

This trip definitely makes me want to go on more solo trips and made me learn one thing: although travelling solo you are never ever alone. You meet so many people!


Day 1 - Travelling for Christmas! 🎄

This one’s a bit special because it’s Christmas! So merry Christmas to wherever you are in the world and I hope you had or will have a wonderful time surrounded by loved ones 💓

Although I wanted to travel so bad this end of year, I decided to stay in Australia and explore a bit more of the Shoalhaven region of New South Wales with my family. .
I especially chose this place so I could surf everyday during my little break and mostly on Christmas Day! I never surfed on Christmas Day before so this was for me quite fun and made me super happy!

But most of all this holiday, I’ve decided to kick back a bit and enjoy just relaxing and not go exploring all the time. Something I don’t do often because I can’t really stay still haha...

Just a few days now before the end of the year now, watch out for my best nine of 2017 in my stories soon and a few more snaps before the year ends!

And that's a wrap for my travel stories of this year! Hope you enjoyed those and watch out for many more stories in 2018 :) 


Comment Sydney m'a rendu plus sportive


Comment Sydney m'a rendu plus sportive

Sans hésitation, je n’ai jamais été aussi active physiquement et motivée pour le sport que maintenant. Cela fait maintenant trois ans que je vis à Sydney et beaucoup de choses ont changé pour moi - j’en ai même parlé dans un article dédié à mes trois ans en Australie. Un des changements principaux est vraiment mon degré d’activité.

Si vous n’êtes jamais venu à Sydney, vous comprendrez rapidement que cette ville magnifique est aussi très ouverte et les gens font beaucoup de sport à l'extérieur. Il y a aussi une culture du “beach body” assez importante surtout dans certains endroits de Sydney.  

Et après ces trois années, même si j’aimais déjà beaucoup le sport, j’ai vraiment réalisé que je voulais passer à l’étape supérieur et devenir plus forte, plus en forme et surtout une meilleure surfeuse ! Le surf m’a vraiment changé beaucoup et ma perspective sur le sport.

Découvrez ci-dessous cinq sports que j’ai vraiment adoptés - plus sérieusement du moins - dans ma routine depuis que je vis en Australie. Et j’espère que cela va vous inspirer aussi!

Photo de couverture par Darcie Collington @darcieec

1. Surfing baby!

Le surf a toujours été un but et rêve pour moi depuis très jeune mais malheureusement je n’ai jamais vécu près de plages avec des vagues correctes et je n’avais fait que quelques camps de plusieurs semaines en France. En déménageant en Australie, ma passion pour le surf a bien évidemment ressurgi et j’ai vraiment commencé à m’y mettre sérieusement il y a un an et demi. J’ai d’ailleurs écrit un blog sur comment commencer à surfer à Sydney.

Et jamais je n’aurais pensé que le surf me rapprocherait tellement de la nature, de mon corps et de mon esprit. Maintenant, je ne pourrais pas imaginer ma vie sans pouvoir surfer et j’aimerai tellement être dans l’eau plus souvent (si seulement les conditions étaient parfaites tous les jours…). Mais même si j’habite à seulement 20 minutes en voiture des plages où je peux surfer (sans bouchons), c’est plus difficile qu’on le pense d’y être tous les jours quand on travaille à temps plein dans la ville. Mais je suis hyper heureuse d’avoir l’opportunité d’y aller souvent et j’ai une envie féroce de m’améliorer pour un jour surfer des vagues géniales avec un super style.

Bondi to Coogee walk 

Bondi to Coogee walk 


2. Marches et randonnées à l’infini…  

Je me souviens de mes premières semaines à Sydney, j’étais vraiment impressionnée de toutes les randonnées à faire autour de la ville. Que ce soit une promenade au bord de l’eau pour 20 minutes, une heure de randonnée sur la côte avec des panoramas incroyables ou quatre heures de randonnée dans le bush et au coeur de la nature - il y a assez pour une décennie !

J’aime vraiment marcher parce que c’est super-facile et parfait pour découvrir les alentours, prendre des photos et juste apprécier la nature. Les randonnées les plus iconiques de Sydney comme Bondi to Coogee, Split to Manly ou la Heritage Walk in Vaucluse sont incontournables mais n’hésitez pas à explorer encore plus et essayer de nouvelles promenades. Découvrez ici 6 promenades à faire à Sydney. 

Biking the harbour bridge in Sydney for the first time. Now something I do every day!

Biking the harbour bridge in Sydney for the first time. Now something I do every day!

3. Aller au travail en vélo

Ceci est assez récent. Depuis que j’ai déménagé cet hiver juste au nord de Sydney, de l’autre côté du pont, et que mon job est dans la ville, j’ai décidé d’en finir ou presque avec les bus, et aller au travail en vélo! J’ai acheté un vélo chez 99 bikes à Enmore pour 200 dollars et j’étais prête! Le début était un peu dur car il y a beaucoup de collines (surtout au retour) mais depuis que je le fais régulièrement, c’est assez facile maintenant.

Je n’ai pas encore pu le faire pour cinq jours de suite car trop fatiguée parfois ou je dois être ailleurs après le boulot. Mais je mets environ 40 minutes au lieu de 30 minutes en bus donc pas trop mal et un super entraînement et c’est gratuit! Ce que je préfère c’est vraiment pédaler sur l’harbour bridge et passer dans des petites rues calmes à fond et me sentir libre et heureuse ! J’ai aussi vraiment vu une différence sur mon humeur au travail ainsi que ma productivité après quelques semaines aussi.

Je veux même rechercher plus de voies de vélo pour faire des balades les week-ends pour joindre le fun, l’exercice et l’exploration!


4. Esprit zen avec le Yoga et Pilates

J’ai commencé le yoga et pilates quand j’étais aux USA comme j’avais des cours gratuits à l’université (je n’avais pas réalisé à quel point j’étais chanceuse à l’époque.) J’ai donc décidé de continuer une fois en Australie. Il y a TELLEMENT d’endroits pour faire ces deux sports ici c’est juste incroyable. Le prix n’est pas aussi fun par contre et cela peut être un peu cher parfois mais si vous trouvez un club que vous aimez bien, cela vaut bien le prix.

Il y a le yoga by the sea, acro yoga, yoga en haut de la tour de Sydney, même le yoga-bière  d’après ce que j’ai entendu haha. Mais j’aime juste l’esprit zen du yoga et de comment relax je suis après. Depuis que j’ai déménagé je n’ai pas eu l’occasion de trouver un club que j’aime mais je compte recommencer. Je sais qu’il existe aussi de super endroits gratuits comme la librairie bouddhiste de Camperdown - où j’allais quand j’ai déménagé à Sydney.

Et puis c’est toujours possible de juste mettre une vidéo sur youtube et en faire tranquillement à la maison ou dans le parc!

The Sydney Botanic Gardens - a nice place to run!

The Sydney Botanic Gardens - a nice place to run!

5. Courir avec des vues incroyables

Bon on va être honnêtes, courir est encore une lutte pour moi. Je n’ai jamais été bonne ou mauvaise mais j’ai du mal avec la sensation de lutte après courir pendant un bout de temps. Nager c’est mon truc, mais courir pas vraiment. Mais j’ai vraiment décidé de devenir meilleure en course et puis après tout, c’est fun et gratuit!

Et quand il y a autant de paysages magnifiques autour de Sydney, c’est dur de ne pas être tenté! Entre le Royal Botanic Garden, les suburbs de l’est (Rose Bay, Bondi Beach, Rushcutters Bay) et les northern beaches (Manly, Dee Why et compagnie…), on est servi ! Seul petit problème, la foule et les collines ! Certains endroits peuvent avoir beaucoup beaucoup de collines et du coup impossible de continuer à courir sans mourir un petit peu. Et certains endroits peuvent être très encombrés surtout lors d’une belle journée à Manly ou dans les jardins.  


Si j’avais plus de temps, j’aimerais faire encore plus d'activités. J’adorerais joindre un club de voile, faire un entrainement de sauvetage en mer, prendre des cours de danse jazz ou classique à la Sydney Dance Company… J’ai beaucoup trop d’idées pour pas assez de temps malheureusement ! Donc pour le moment je continue le surf et de faire ce que j’aime.

Est-ce qu’une ville en particulier vous a poussé à faire plus d’exercice ? Est-ce que vous avez un sport en particulier que vous adorez pratiquer n’importe où dans le monde? Dites-moi tout!