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Why I feel in Love With Noosa

Noosa: another Australian city that holds a little part of my heart! 

In 2017, I went through Noosa very quickly on my way to Fraser Island  and didn’t get to catch the atmosphere of the city or discover its surroundings. So when I returned there in February 2019 - what a shock I had. I totally fell in love with Noosa! 

Here’s why Noosa is awesome and I can’t wait to come back… 


Noosa has that small seaside town vibe like Byron - but better 

I do love Byron Bay too but I felt Noosa had the same vibe, just better, cleaner and even more chill. Byron Bay can be quite crowded and the parking is so expensive. In Noosa, it’s not too bad (unless you go in very high season) and the parking is free - how good is that! 

The main street is also so lovely - especially at night with all its fairy lights. I didn’t get to try that many restaurants but I do recommend Betty’s Burgers. So delicious & addictive!


Noosa National Park walk is one of the best hikes I’ve ever done 

I heard Noosa National Park was beautiful but I didn’t expect so much beauty all along this hike. Starting from Main Beach in the heart of the town - you can keep going all around the National Park and end up in Sunrise Beach or just stop wherever you want. 

The weather that day was just perfect so I was lucky with the views and colours (the weather app was telling me it’ll rain ha!). The walk is quite easy to do and you walk next to all the main beaches where you can watch and photograph surfers - just heaven for me. 

There are lots of places to take a rest - but nothing at all on the path so pack your own water and snacks. And leave nothing behind of course.


The surf is just PERFECT - especially for longboarders 

As a keen surfer and longboarder, I was particularly interested to check out some of the surf spots in Noosa. And once again, I didn’t expect such good surf. Just perfect little peelers for longboards, with endless rides and not one close-out. 

It was quite small when I was there so quite good for a proper longboard. I had to rent one (from the Golden Breed shop) since I flew up and didn’t want to bring my boards. It was fairly easy & I even got free soft roof racks from the rental car (took me a little while to figure out how to secure it haha) and it was all good to go! 

There are so many spots - for everyone, longboard or shortboard. The ones accessible from the National Park looked awesome but make sure to get a park early. I surfed Main Beach and Little Cove, and parked in the heart of the city with free 4-hour parking. Perfect!


The surroundings & sunshine coast is full of treasures 

I stayed in an Airbnb at Sunrise Beach (just 5 minutes from Noosa) so it was perfect to also explore the surroundings. But more than just Noosa, there’s just so much to discover if you have a car like Sunshine Coast and its numerous beaches, 

Glass House Mountains are also worth a visit, located in the Beerburrum State Forest. It’s a good hour drive so worth a day trip or on the way up or down to Brisbane. 


Plus, Noosa hosts the Noosa longboard festival of surfing too! 

I was quite lucky to be in the first few days of the Noosa Longboard Festival of Surfing. I wish I could have stayed a bit longer but still loved the surfing vibe there, seeing and surfing with many pros from all over the world and watching beautiful longboard style. 

Can’t wait to be back for you Noosa! 

Let me know if you have any questions or if you plan a trip to Noosa :)