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Celebrating 5 years of living in Australia!

5 years or 5 minutes? I can’t believe this week turns out to be my fifth anniversary in Australia! Yeah mate, 5 amazing years and gosh it has flown quickly! 

If you’ve been following me for the past five years, you know I do love a recap of what has happened, changed and how I feel about it (sorry for missing the 4th year one, life got in the way of that one!).

Of course, a lot has happened in five years but I can say today I’m at a point where I’m still extremely happy to call Australia my home. 

Before I dive into a few topics below, I want to do a huge shout out for all the amazing people I’ve met along those five years and how incredible it’s been so far. If you read that, you’re probably part of it, and thank you :) 

Let’s get to it -  here’s a little recap of how I feel after 5 years in Australia and away from France! 


Oi oi oi! Aussie Aussie Aussie! I still love everything Aussie here… 

Funnily when I re-read my past blogs the other day (and thank god didn’t cringe at it)  - I noticed that every single year I said I loved Australia - well I still do! Food, people, traditions, nature… there’s not one day where I’m not grateful for the life I live here. 

Don’t get me wrong, not everything is perfect - there is still a lot of things that could be improved in Australia. But overall, it’s pretty much amazing still. Cheers to that! 

I feel more and more connected to nature and wanting less and less to be in the city 

I’m glad I had the opportunity to live in many different places over the past five years, and whilst I enjoyed my “city life” at the start of those years, I’m now longing for more and more nature and less city. I still love going to Sydney CBD but it’s not something I’d do every day anymore (unless I have to.) 

I feel I found my real home on the Northern Beaches since a while anyway now and there’s nowhere I want to be at the moment! I still love moving around (thank god for my car) but as long as I’m near the beach I’m happy! 


I (think I) found my way in the working world yasss! 

When I think about where I was five years ago - looking for a job for months, starting from the bottom working in administration & then being a receptionist to now being a full freelance mid-weight designer & photographer, I can say I’m quite proud of myself! 

I’ve had to work hard these past 5 years to get where I am at now and I still have a looong way to where I want to go (hello creative director dream!) but I’m SO happy I finally jumped onto the freelance bandwagon and it’s going ok so far. 

Work hard, never let go of your dreams - whether big or small - and keep the determination up! 

If you want to check out my work, have a look at my design portfolio here and photography portfolio here. 


I’m fully dedicated to the surfing life 💙

Of course, you probably know how surf-addicted I am if you know me and it’s not slowing down. I’m fully dedicated and committed to this crazy life that is surfing life and can’t wait to spend more and more time in the water and learning new things. 

I’m also currently making my longboard with my partner - something I’d never even thought I could do - so I’m beyond stoked!! Can’t wait to take this baby out to the water soon. 


I’ve also realised my life will never be the same and that’s ok! 

I’m sorry, I’m not coming back to France! I honestly never planned to anyway and I still get the odd question of “when are you coming back?” 

I really feel Australia is my home and whilst before I never really thought about the whole thing of moving countries, I’ve realised a bit more this year that yes I’ve really jumped into another life by leaving five years ago and I’m never going back. I think at the time I didn’t realise this would be  saying “goodbye” to an old part of me and of my identity but it’s ok, life’s made to evolve so let it be! I’m still super happy to come back to visit whenever I can and see all my beautiful family and friends. (Please come visit too haha!)  


I’ve travelled a lot internationally over the past 2 years but now feel like exploring mostly around here 

I oved my travels over the past two years but I now start to really feel the length of travels from Australia. Not going to lie, Australia is FAR from the rest of the world.

And there’s so so much I want to discover here, plus I do prefer a surf holiday now that I don’t feel as much like I need to travel and explore the whole world. I never thought I’d feel like that after travelling so much through my whole life, but maybe it’s my way of changing it up. Plus, I feel a lot more conscious about plane travels now too so a bit less travelling isn’t too bad after all. Which brings me to the next topic… 

Cleaning up the beach in Freshie!

Cleaning up the beach in Freshie!

I want to continue to be part of a positive change for the environment here

I think I’ve always been environmentally conscious and always tried to make an effort for our beautiful planet Earth. But in the past two years and after living here for five years, I’m realising more and more how urgent all these environmental issues are becoming. 

Being a surfer as well, I feel extremely passionate about protecting our oceans and beaches and feel quite sad/anxious at the amount of pollution (mostly plastic) that’s in there. Just a local beach clean up at Freshwater Beach near Sydney that seemed clean made me realise micro-plastics are a huge problem!

Unfortunately, I feel that Australia quite behind and especially the government on these issues. But there’s a lot I want to do to help and hopefully set an example for the next generations. More to come on this soon! 


The Frenchie Escapes Travel blog isn’t as active but for a good reason! 

You may have noticed I’m not writing as much as I used to do. I still love writing blogs but I’ve decided to take my creative energy more towards graphic design, photography and launching my freelance business. I’ll still keep some blogs up, mostly with more visual illustrations. I’ve also decided to stop doing videos. I loved it but it’s just too much work and I’d prefer my focus to be on design & photography. So keep going with me on this new journey! 

Plus, GREAT NEWS! I’ve finally launched my print store yoohoo! If you fancy one of my photography to hang beautifully on your walls, head here to find out more! 


Finally, I have some BIG plans and projects coming up!! 

I gotta keep the suspense for next year haha but I do have some crazy big plans for this year for myself and with my partner too. Some of which, I’ll definitely document on The Frenchie Escapes or some other channels - you’ll know in time. 

So that was my five years in Australia recap. Thanks so much for reading so far and if you’ve followed me for a little while, you’re a legend! 

If you want to read more about my previous my recaps from year one to three (sorry I missed the fourth one!), check on the below. 

Cheers mate! 

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