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Why the Maldives should be your next travel destination

The Maldives - that dreamy destination full of crystal-clear waters and incredible islands and atolls in the middle of the Indian Ocean. It seems like an exclusive destination, full of luxury and decadence, yet there is so much more than that in the Maldives.

From overwater luxury to adventure and discoveries, there’s something for everyone in the Maldives and it’s definitely a destination on the rise which I think is getting more and more interesting by the day!

I’ve been lucky enough to spend an incredible week in the Maldives and at Club Med Kani, experiencing everything: snorkelling, surfing, diving, relaxing… And I can’t wait to go back already!


1. There’s an option for all budgets

From guest houses on local islands to luxurious hotels, Maldives can be done on a tight or extravagant budget. Many airlines fly to the Maldives and deals can be good - especially with low-cost airlines of course. We paid only 700 dollars return from Sydney with Air Asia and got there safe and sound. We did get a little misadventure with a cancelled flight on the way back but everything was solved pretty quickly and we even got to spend another night in the Maldives for free!


It’s probably best to plan your trip in advance or as soon as you get a good plane deal. Finding a place to stay, building an itinerary and finding boat transfers can be lots of research and probably not that easy to wing once there. But with a bit of organisation, it can be the most magical trip!

2. It’s an incredible place to discover

Everything revolves around the ocean in the Maldives and for ocean-lovers, it’s definitely an incredible place to experience. Firstly it’s always warm and the water is divine so it’s really easy to relax and there’s no excuse to not get in the water for any activity.


The ocean wildlife is quite stunning with rays, turtles, sharks, and so many colourful fishes! I’d definitely recommend snorkelling and diving as well. I actually did my discovery dive there and totally loved it! I want to do a course now in Australia to go diving again!


And with so many islands to discover, sandbanks to explore, turquoise waters to dive in, you’ll never get bored.

3. For surfers, it’s a true wave paradise

It’s not a legend, the Maldives are the true deal for surfing! I’ve never surfed in Bali or Indonesia but apparently the Maldives are the softer version of it - although sets can be big!


At least half of the year, there are some amazing clean and peeling waves breaking on the reef. From 2 ft to event 15 ft, there’s a lot to choose from and better be brave sometimes but it’s an experience of a lifetime. Beginners would be ok in smaller spots like Chickens but I would recommend the Maldives more for intermediate and advanced surfers.

I got to surf at Sultans and although it was a bit bigger than I thought on that day, I had the best time ever in the water! Next time I come back, I’ll definitely bring a shortboard and surf as much as I can!

If you'd like to learn more about surfing in the Maldives, read Zoe's experience of surfing in the Maldives here last winter!


4. The Maldivian people are incredibly nice and fun to hang out with

I only met a handful of locals but all were so helpful and fun to hang out with. From lots of other friends and visitors in the Maldives, they’ve also always had a great experience with the Maldivian people.

So many of them are also totally connected to the ocean, it’s part of them. And I even got to witness some of them surfing and they are just incredible!

I just wish I got to discover a bit more about the local islands but maybe for next time!


5. And you can of course indulge and have a taste of luxury too!

The Maldives probably wouldn’t be it without all the luxury of course! Whether you’d like to stay a week in a resort or a day, there are so many options out there. I was lucky to stay in Club Med Kani for a week but saw lots of people coming for day passes, hoping from island to island. I know some other resorts do it too.


But after all, why not indulge a bit and treat yourself to also a nice overwater experience in the Maldives? When in paradise, might as well do it well!

So to conclude, I had an amazing time in the Maldives and did so many activities I actually barely had time to slow down and relax! So looks like I gotta go back right? Who’s coming?