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Living in Australia after 3 years: How It Changed Me

Today marks my 1,100th day of living in Australia or in short, a little bit more than three years! I can’t believe how fast those three years flew by, how much I’ve done (or how little as I sometimes think!) and how much I have changed as a person too.

I think I realised this when I went back from my European trip last June, that I was definitely quite different from when I left in 2014. I haven’t entirely changed of course but a lot of aspects of my life have and I think, in the end, my personality has changed a little too. We all evolve as we grow up but by moving to a new country, it definitely has a bigger impact.

I wanted to share a bit of this change with you as moving to a new country isn't the easiest thing to do but the most exciting thing you can do. Here are a few things that changed:


I’ve had to adapt to a new way of living

This is an obvious one but you realise with time that you really adapt to a new way of living when moving in a new country. I’d say the first thing is definitely about food. Although I still keep my old habits of eating lots of bread, my tastes and food habits have changed so much since I left France. What I love the most is how I’ve learnt so much about Asian food and wouldn’t imagine eating or cooking it! Sydney has the most diverse and amazing food available and I feel super grateful to be able to try all of those. Oh, and yes, I now love Vegemite on my bread too!


Sydney made me a lot more active

I’ve always been a bit active and did a bit of sport here and then but I think by living in Sydney, you really want to get more active. It’s a very outdoor city and lots of people exercise so it really encourages you to do it. Personally, I am so happy I can go surfing almost every week, I can now bike to work, I try to run more and more and sometimes I take some yoga classes (wish I could do more but it’s a bit pricey). And there’s so many more clubs or sports to do around here that there’s really no excuse to not do it and it’s an amazing way to meet people too! Watch out for my next posts on this topic soon.

Photo by Darcie Collington

Photo by Darcie Collington

It made me go out a lot less

I’ve been the real party girl before (oh, uni days!) and when I arrived in Sydney, I still partied a fair bit but not as much, and I’d say that I now almost never party. I guess as you grow older, you party less and you think about what’s priority on a weekend after a hard week of work!

I love a drink here and then but you’ll now rarely see me up after midnight or maybe 1 or 2 am maaax. The reason? I feel there’s so much more to do during the day in Sydney! I like to wake up early if I’m going to surf, go on an adventure, maybe sleep in and just be lazy, go see friends etc. But I don’t feel the thrills of going out right now. And let’s be honest, Sydney isn’t exactly the best city to party between the lock-out laws, strict rules, venues that are not super exciting and so many rude security guards or bartenders I’ve encountered. When I went back to Europe or even just partied in Melbourne, I really saw the difference and had awesome nights!


Living in Australia makes me appreciate nature and my surroundings so much more

When I lived in France, I think I took for granted how beautiful and varied my country is. I wish I visited a bit more by myself rather than just stick to the places I knew. (well I was a student too so not exactly tons of money to travel!)

Since I moved to Sydney, I really realised how precious and beautiful nature is around here but also how much there’s to do (for free most of the times!) and how I should never take it for granted. There’s nothing more rewarding than discovering a new national park or take a walk on a new beach.

And the good thing is that after working in the city the week, I just crave going to different and greener places on the weekends and I just love it! Here’s to exciting road trips and exploring my surroundings!

Living in Sydney & travelling in Australia made me spend a lot more money

Living here is expensive for sure. And salaries are quite good but rent is also extremely high. Maybe it’s also the fact that I am not a student anymore where I had to be careful of my spendings but I would say by living in Australia and in Sydney mainly, you start to get used to the prices and then spend a lot more than originally planned!

Also, travelling in Australia is a bit expensive. Now, there are ways to keep cost downs like travelling/sleeping in a van, sleep in hostels, stick to the free views and activities. But if you’d like to go a bit further, generally air fares are not always that cheap, hotels are more expensive than they should be (especially in high season!) and extra activities can also be really over the top. But hey, it’s all worth it and possible!

Living Australia is now making me think about what kind of life I want...

Living so close to nature and the ocean really makes you think more about the environment, what you like in life and what’s important to you. I think surfing really has had an impact on me (I always knew it will) and I couldn’t imagine myself living in a place where I couldn’t go surfing regularly anymore. Same as exploring, I love the city but I also love escaping and discover or re-discover my surroundings. And these are so important to me, I don’t think I could ever spot doing both. I think this really makes a difference when thinking about your life and it definitely influenced me because I live here.

Sometimes I wonder if I stayed in Paris if my life would look different now? I know I wouldn’t have stayed anyway because as I always say I love visiting Paris but not living there. But what if I was in another city in the world? All I know now is that Sydney is my home now and I can’t wait again to see what will be happening next in this wonderful city.

Do you think living abroad has changed you in some ways? Or even if you are living in the same country, have you noticed changes by travelling a bit more maybe? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

And if you’d like to read more, I also wrote about my two-year checkup in Australia as well as my first complete year in Sydney.