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A magical encounter with Gorillas in Uganda

Ever thought of travelling to Uganda to see beautiful and wild Gorillas? If not, this interview with Rosie Richardson, a travel-addict and Director at Mosaic Travel, might just tempt you to book a ticket right away.

Discover my interview with Rosie about this incredible adventure below and decide for yourself if your next trip should be all about nature and wildlife.

Can you please present yourself in a few lines and what do you like about travelling?

I’m a travel addict! My first big trip was going to live in England for a year when I was 18. I loved the freedom that travel gave me, and I got to explore a lot of Europe during this time. I’ve since lived in France and Turkey too. I’m now the Director of a Travel Agency, so I get to facilitate other people's travel, for a job!

Can you give me an overview of your adventure in Uganda, how did you choose this country and this particular adventure?

Seeing the rare gorillas in their natural habitat has always been on my bucket list. Every now and then, as a Travel Agent, an ‘educational’ trip comes up. When this one landed in my inbox, it was far too good to pass up!

How did you organise to go see the Gorillas and what else have you seen there?

It’s very difficult to see the Gorillas. You must book a long time in advance, as the permits are extremely limited, and you must have a big budget. There is nothing cheap about doing the trek in this part of the world! The permit alone, which allows you access to the National Park, costs around $1000 for one day!

As well as trekking for the gorillas in Uganda, we also were lucky enough to see monkeys in the forest, and zebra, lions, elephant and hippo, while on safari.

Were there any challenges to see the gorillas?

There are many challenges! Once you’ve overcome the financial challenge and you actually arrive in Uganda, you must be prepared. We had to wear special safari clothes - long sleeved, muted colours etc for our trek, and we had to be fit. The climb to see the gorillas is steep. You could be walking for 20 minutes, or 8 hours, depending on where the gorillas are that day. We were lucky that we were only walking for an hour before seeing them.

What was your best moment?

The moment when we saw a gorilla, just sitting in the scrub only 3 metres away from us, blissfully munching on leaves, is a moment I’ll never forget. They’re beautiful creatures, and very much like us!

Has this trip changed your perspective on wildlife and the environment or were you already aware of it?

I have realised, since doing this trip, that conservation of wildlife and the environment is very important. Of course, I did realise that before, but when you see the impact pollution and our modern day environment is having on these gorillas, it really makes the issue real. Uganda is doing a lot for conservation, and I think they’re doing a fantastic job.

Rosie while on the trek in Uganda. 

Rosie while on the trek in Uganda. 

What would be your advice for other travellers wanting to go to Uganda and see Gorillas?

Just do it! Sadly, these gorillas may not be around forever, so to see them in their natural habitat while you still can, is magical. All proceeds from your permit go towards conservation too, plus you employ local guides and porters, which is great for the community.

What will be your next adventure?

We’re off to Bali for our honeymoon! It’s not much of an adventure, but we can’t wait to relax in luxury for 2 weeks! Then in June, I’ll be in Croatia leading a group tour.

Have you ever been to Uganda or have you done an amazing adventure like this one? I'd love to hear from you! Feel free to get in touch with me!