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How Sydney made me more active

Without a doubt, I’ve never been so active and motivated to do sports than now. It’s been three years I live in Sydney, and lots of things have changed for me since, read here how living in Australia changed me, but one of them is definitely the level of activity I am doing.

If you’ve never been to Sydney, you’ll quickly understand this beautiful city is super outdoorsy, people live outside and exercise outside - a lot. There is a real beach body culture in some parts of Sydney too.

After those three years, I’ve realised that although I’ve always been active, I really wanted to up my game lately and become a lot stronger, fitter to be mostly a better surfer! Surfing has really changed a lot for me and my workout routine revolves a lot around it.

Discover below five sports which I think I really got into - more seriously - since living in Australia and I hope that you will too!

Cover photo of this article by Darcie Collington @darcieec

1. Surfing baby!

Surfing had been a goal/dream for me since a very young age but I unfortunately never lived close to decent waves and did only a couple of weeks of surf camps in France. Moving to Australia, this really triggered my willing to surf and I really started to take it seriously about a year and a half ago. I actually wrote a blog post here on how to start surfing in Sydney.

And I never thought surfing would bring me so much closer to nature, my body and my mind. I couldn’t imagine my life without it now and wish I could be in the water much more often (and that the conditions were good every day too!). Although I leave only 20 minutes driving away from a surfing beach (without traffic), it’s hard to get out there every day when working full-time in the city but I am grateful for every opportunity I get and have a ferocious will to get better at it and surf amazing waves with great style one day!

Bondi to Coogee walk 

Bondi to Coogee walk 


2. Walking and hiking kilometres and kilometres...

I remember the first few weeks in Sydney, I was quite impressed with how many hikes were available in and around the city. Whether it’s a 20 minutes water walk, an hour coastal hike with incredible cliffs views or a 4-hour bush walk at nature’s heart - there is enough for a decade!

I love walking because it’s just so easy, perfect to discover surroundings, take photos and just take a moment to appreciate what nature has to offer to us. The most iconic walks in Sydney are Bondi to Coogee, Split to Manly and Heritage Walk in Vaucluse but don’t hesitate to explore further and try new walks! Check my blog on 6 walks in Sydney that you must do.

Biking the harbour bridge in Sydney for the first time. Now something I do every day!

Biking the harbour bridge in Sydney for the first time. Now something I do every day!

3. Biking to work

This one is very recent. Since I moved to Sydney lower north shore this winter and my full-time job is now in the city, I decided that I’ve had enough of the bus and wanted to bike to work! I bought a $200 brand new blue bike from 99 bikes in Enmore and I was set! The beginnings were a bit hard as there are so many hills on my way (especially from work to home) but since doing it regularly, I am pretty much fine now.

I still haven’t done it 5 days in a row because of being too tired sometimes or having places to go after work. It takes me about 40 minutes instead of 30 minutes with the bus so not bad and a great workout + it’s free! My highlight is definitely biking on the harbour bridge and passing in some quiet streets feeling so free and happy! I’ve really noticed the difference in my mood and productivity at work after a few weeks as well.

I really want to research more bike paths now to just go biking on weekends too and mix exercise, fun and exploration!


4. Zen vibes with Yoga and Pilates

I really got into yoga and pilates when I was in the USA, as I had free classes at uni (didn’t realise how good that was at the time), and decided to get back to it in Australia. There are SO many places to do both, it’s incredible. The price isn’t as fun though as it can get quite expensive but if you find a nice club you like, it’s worth the spend.

There’s yoga by the sea, acro yoga, yoga up to Sydney tower, even yoga beer I heard haha? I’m just loving the zen vibes of those classes and how relaxed I feel afterwards. I still need to find myself a new club as I haven’t found one since I moved. But I know that there are some great places that do it for free like the Buddhist Library in Camperdown - which I used to go to when I first moved to Sydney.

And you can always you know, just rock some youtube yoga video and do it at home or in the park!

The Sydney Botanic Gardens - a nice place to run!

The Sydney Botanic Gardens - a nice place to run!

5. Run, run, run!

Sooo running is still a very much work in progress for me. I’ve never been bad or good at it, but just hated the feeling after running for a while. Swimming is my thing, running not really. But I decided to get better at it because it’s still fun and free!

And when you have such an amazing scenery to run to, you cannot be tempted! The Royal Botanic Gardens, Eastern Suburbs water runs, the Northern Beaches, etc… So many places. Only little problem: the hills and the crowds! Some places can get really hilly very fast and is just a killer. And the crowds can be pretty insane at some times in the day, especially Manly on a summer day.



If I had more time, I’d even love to pick up even more activities… I”d love to join a sailing club, do a surf lifesaving course, try ballet lessons at the Sydney Dance Academy… I’ve got endless ideas but not endless time unfortunately so will continue focusing on surfing and do what I love.

Did a city make you more active before as well? Do you have a favourite activity that you love doing no matter where? Tell me everything!