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Plan your 2017 travels around Australian Public Holidays

What’s best than the new year to plan a couple of holidays and travels? I love planning some in advance but also love the last minute rush of finding the perfect getaway. Unfortunately, we are not all that lucky to be travelling whenever we want. I try to travel as much as I can around Australia or worldwide but I still have a full-time job and with that four weeks of holidays (which is still more than in the US with only two weeks but still less than France with five to six weeks!). However, no need to cringe and panic thinking “how can I go travelling with just enough leave?” because, with a bit of strategic thinking around the holidays and public holidays, it’s possible to take real holidays in Australia and overseas!

Let’s do the math, there are:

  • 52 Saturdays in 2017
  • 53 Sundays in 2017
  • 4 weeks of holidays = 20 days off work
  • An average of 9 public holidays

So that leaves us with more than a 100 days of weekends (who said a holiday couldn’t last a weekend?) and almost 30 days off around the public holidays combined with being off work. Amazing, right?

Personally, I am taking only two days of leave around the Easter weekend to go to San Francisco this year! Combined with working offsite, I can leave for a full week overseas! I am doing a similar thing when going to Europe in June/July - so perfect to wind down and not exhaust all the holiday possibilities.

So where to now? There are so many possibilities but Health and Fitness Travel, a global luxury wellness travel company, calculated how to make the most of the public holidays and still enjoy a relaxing holiday! See suggestions and infographic below to plan your 2017 travels:

Australia Day Weekend: Australia or Bali

Take 2 days off for a 4 day holiday Book leave: 25 and 27 January Public holiday: 26 January Your holiday: 25 to 28 January

Where to go: Twelve Apostles Walk

The iconic Great Ocean Road is definitely one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited in Australia! There is an iconic Twelve Apostles Walk you can experience, a 56-kilometre hike over 4 days through the last half of the coastal trail of the Great Ocean Walk. This one will definitely challenge your cardiovascular fitness as you traverse the terrain to explore the vibrant and diverse flora and fauna of the region and learn about the rich history of land and sea. To know more about my trip on the Great Ocean Road, you can read more here.

Or Bali Lifestyle Retreat

By living in Australia, Bali is really accessible for its price and closeness. Want to luxuriate in an overseas holiday instead? As they say, ‘Bali is always a good idea!’ Only 6h30 minutes from Sydney or 3h45 minutes from Perth, Bali is a good bet in spending your limited holiday time and find your calm with yoga sessions or pamper yourself with some spa treatments.

Great Ocean Road
Great Ocean Road

Easter Weekend to ANZAC Day: Vietnam or Caribbean Islands

Take 8 days off for a 16 day holiday Book leave: 18 to 21, 24, and 26 to 28 April Public holidays: 14, 17, 25 April Your holiday: 14 to 29 April

Where to go: VietnamI discovered Vietnam for the first time in 2014 and absolutely loved it. It was such a culinary and cultural discovery for me, I would be so happy to go back. From the spectacular Ha Long Bay in the north to the meandering Mekong Delta in the south, there’s so much to see. There’s also many places to recover on a wellness retreat where you can indulge in spa treatments and recharge with holistic activities such as yoga and meditation.

OR The Caribbean islands, St Lucia and Martinique

The Caribbean is just paradise on earth. So many islands, so many possibilities. There’s one though that’s pretty pleasant and relaxing: St Lucia. I’ve been there a really long time ago and honestly can’t remember so much about it but next time I’m going, I wouldn’t mind trying a few wellness programs to relax. Martinique is a French island and I remember all the happy times I had there, so relaxing to charge your batteries on beautiful beaches!           

Hanoi Vietnam
Hanoi Vietnam

Christmas Break: India or Switzerland

Take 7 days off for a 14 day holiday Book leave: 27 to 29 December and 2 to 5 January Public holidays: 25 to 26 December and 1 January Your holiday: 23 December to 5 January

Where to go: India

I love Christmas in Australia but I wouldn’t say no to a little escape to incredible India! There is so much to discover, it might be good to focus on only one region. I loved my time there when I discovered the Rajasthan region.

OR Switzerland and beautiful Gstaad

Switzerland is a magical place for a truly white Christmas. I’ve experienced it for numerous of my young years and felt the magic every time. Gstaad is also one of a kind, being one of the top ski resorts in Europe. If you really want to live the full experience, ski in the morning and Spa in the afternoon! Just make sure your wallet is ready because Gstaad isn’t cheap (nor is Switzerland!) but definitely the experience of a lifetime.

So no need to panic over the 2017 travels, there’s so much you can do! And don’t forget that you don’t need to fly hours and spend tonnes of money to have a good holiday. Driving next door to this lovely beach or beautiful mountain can also have the taste of a new discovery!

So tell me your holiday plans for 2017?

Infographic Wellness Travel
Infographic Wellness Travel