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Review and Video of TreeTops Adventure Park in Sydney


Just about half an hour from Sydney CBD, there’s a beautiful forest which many do not know about. The Cumberland State Forest is a perfect place to escape the busy city life but also to try on new adventures, such as climbing and flying between trees! I was lucky enough to try the newest Sydney TreeTops Adventure park in The Hills region and had lots of fun challenging myself and also connecting with nature. Ideal for summer, the TreeTops Sydney zip line experience is very suitable for a day away with friends or the whole family. Discover my thoughts and pictures below. Don't forget to check my video below as well!

My first time trying the zip line

Weirdly, I’ve never had the opportunity before to try this kind of adventure and nor did I know there were a few TreeTops parks around Sydney! On a beautiful summer day, I was pretty excited by the challenge awaiting and to know how it would feel being on top of the trees.

The preparation was pretty extensive with first having the put all the equipment (so you know, you don't fall out without security) and the whole security/how to use the ropes and different flying foxes, challenges and stops. What at first I thought would be pretty hard to remember surprisingly came pretty naturally. Although I wasn’t super fast up there, I didn’t have much trouble to go around and enjoy the challenges.

One thing to know, it’s definitely not for the people afraid of heights (agoraphobia). Although I am not afraid at all, I thought it was pretty impressive to be so high up and having to balance out between ropes. Some were very easy and fun, some were a lot more challenging requiring good balance and a bit of focusing. The best was definitely the flying foxes, got to do three in total. Once again, this is a lot more impressive that we think, especially for the first time but thrills are guaranteed!

TreeTop Adventure Park General Manager Sandrine Gaymard said: “At TreeTops we say get off your bums and into the bush because we’re huge advocates for people getting outdoors, active, and gaining new skills. Participants don’t need any special skills to participate and there are varying levels of courses people can progress through – each offering something different and surprising.”

Allow plenty of time to enjoy the different challenges. There are different levels, green, blue, red and even black opening soon! It is probably best to go early in the morning to avoid the heat and also the crowd.

Once you are done, there’s plenty more to do as well. You can do a nice hike in the Cumberland State Forest (different levels and length as well), enjoy a delicious coffee and cake at the cafe next door (lunch can also be an option) and why not shop a few native Australian plants in the shop next door as well!

It is best to get there by car, there’s plenty of parking available around. If you don’t have a car, you might have to catch a bus and walk for a fair bit to get there. A good way to warm up as well!

So if you’re looking for a day of adventure and in the nature around Sydney, I would definitely recommend checking all those options!

TreeTop Park

About the Cumberland State Forest

Cumberland State Forest is located in West Pennant Hills and is the only state forest located in a metropolitan setting in Australia and a haven brimming with native flora and fauna and soaring 25 metre – 40 metre Bunya pines.

About TreeTops

TreeTops Adventure Park features high ropes experiences, an amazing array of challenges including 20 flying foxes, climbing nets, Tarzan lianas, monkey bridges, suspended rafts, trapezes and twisted ladders.

Founded by French couple Frederic Galimard and Sandrine Gaymard, TreeTop Adventure Parks are Australia’s most awarded zip line operators. Also located at Abbotsbury, the Central Coast and Newcastle, they’re open every day during the holidays (except for Christmas Day) from 9 am - 5 pm. Price starts at 28 dollars for kids and 48 dollars for adults. The experience can take up to two to three hours to complete, including ‘gearing’ time. 

Cumberland State Forest Sydney