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Fraser Island 3-Day Vlog

In October 2016, I discovered the beautiful Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia during three days with my best friend from France, Flore! So I decided to share with you my best moments and the most beautiful places I saw in a Fraser Island 3-Day Vlog. In my Fraser Island 3-Day Vlog, you can see:

  • My arrival on Fraser Island
  • Driving on Fraser Island
  • Eli Creek
  • Champagne Pools
  • Indian Head
  • Lake Mackenzie
  • In-land driving
  • Departure from Fraser Island

It was an amazing trip as this island has some very unique features. You can only access by ferry or seaplane and the only way to get around is by driving on the sand! The ecosystem is also unique in the world as the plants grow directly from the sand.

In three days, you have so many things to do but these are good to really get a good idea of the island.

To know more in detail about how to prepare for a trip in Fraser Island and what to see, have a look at my blog post here: My Full Guide to a Long Weekend in Fraser Island

Hope you’ll appreciate the video and don’t hesitate if you have questions on the island!