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The Best Sydney Timelapses in 5 Videos


What’s the best way to capture Sydney beauty by time lapsing it? I’ve always loved watching timelapses, and although I still got to master the art, there are some really talented people out there capturing the daily life of Sydney in a few minutes. Between the city, beaches, events and crazy storms, I’ve selected my top 5 of Best Sydney Timelapses. Scroll below and let me know which one is your favourite!


1. Tiny Sydney by Filippo Rivetti

Timelapses making cities looking tiny have always amazed me. In this video, you really feel like that you are a tiny person in a big city. From Bondi beach to the CBD, it takes you on an energetic journey across the city. The colours are full of blues and greens. And the zoom lets you see the tiniest details of traffic, social activities and popular places in Sydney. Miniature and magnificent Sydney by Filippo Rivetti!


2. Vivid Sydney by Matthew Vandeputte

Vivid, known as the festival of lights in Sydney, is one of my favourite rendezvous each year. Around the CBD, you can see all the buildings lighting up as well as the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. Vivid lasts about two weeks and is a paradise for photographers! With the variety of colours, graphics and stories, there’s so much to photograph and video.

In this video, Matthew Vandeputte captures the groovy feel of Vivid Sydney as well as its busy spots! Can’t wait for Vivid Sydney 2017.


3. Syd-lapses by Romain Mongin

From day to night, Syd-lapses shows the most iconic places in Sydney. It also includes timelapses of Vivid’s best lights from 2015. Some of my favourite parts in that video are the night sky full of stars. This is the kind of time lapse that let you imaginative about the city and appreciative of its beauty!

4. Sydney Superstorm by Matthew Vandeputte

Sydney’s weather can be hot and sunny but it can also lead to massive storms at any season. While they don’t last for a very long time, they can be very aggressive and mostly dramatic! I’ve seen lots of cool footage and pictures of last year’s superstorm but this timelapse tops it all. From dramatic skies to scary lightning, there’s something about Sydney’s storms to be chaotic and beautiful at the same time.


5. 2010 New Year’s Eve by City of Sydney

New Year’s Eve fireworks in Sydney are probably some of the best in the world. It makes the crowd go crazy every year with some people starting camping on the best sites 48 hours before. This video from 2010 is an oldie but a goodie. You can notice how busy the harbour gets and the impressive amount of fireworks for the midnight craze! Probably the best way you’ll ever see the fireworks.

So what’s your favourite Sydney Timelapse?