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Discover my new Youtube channel!


And the surprises go on! After the debut of my giveaway last Saturday (check it out here, you can win cool prizes until Sunday 24th) I am now announcing the launch of my brand new youtube channel!

I have to say I am a bit nervous about launching this but also very excited. My channel will aim to be documentary style videos about Sydney, Australia and the world. I want to share with you cool discoveries and adventures, where you can see a bit more behind the scenes!

So what do I want to film?

There's going to be a lot of videos about Sydney and its surroundings. I'll try to show you how I photograph, where I travel and how easy it is to escape your own city!

I'm going to New Zealand in about a month so it will also be super exciting - I'm sure I'll have a lot of content to share with you!

So don't wait, have a look at my trailer and subscribe to my new Youtube channel The Frenchie Escapes