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Happy birthday The Frenchie Escapes


16 April 2015, this is with excitement, fear, and joy that I was sharing for the first time my new project and blog called The Frenchie Escapes.

It was an idea I had for a while but been working on for several months until I was happy to share it with the world.

The Frenchie is now 1 and with more than 40 posts in both English and French. Few hundred of photographs and definitely thousand of hours of work.

I am so grateful and happy on how it went for the past year. I have to tell you it is very hard work after-hours when working a full-time job I also love but so worth it.

My favourite moments were definitely brainstorming with myself on new ideas, chasing for new adventures and more than ever sharing the most beautiful places Australia is offering.

As a throwback here is my top 3 of articles most read and liked:

  1. Vivid Sydney through The Frenchie’s lens
  2. Yes, you can ski in Australia
  3. 6 walks in Sydney you must do

So what's in store for 2016?

Many many things! My brain is literally bursting with ideas and I can't even keep up with myself haha.

I am planning on going on many more adventures, now I that I have a car it is much easier getting out of Sydney and exploring the surrounding as well as NSW. With a total of 809,444 square meters I have definitely enough lands to explore!

Beautiful and inspiring photographies as always. Day by day I am taking on new challenges and trying to do better higher stronger. Hopefully, my next big purchase will be a zoom and maybe an underwater housing case! (Gotta save a bit hum!)

Finally, my big new focus is my brand new YouTube channel! I already had a Vimeo channel where I like to showcase my traveling videos - in a more artistic way - but this new YouTube channel will be for me the opportunity to show a bit more of myself in action with adventures and photography in a documentary style channel. This is totally new to me so I can tell you I'm totally scared but I hope you will enjoy those videos. I love and will always love photography but videos are pretty cool too!

Stay tuned for many more new things coming up and don't forget you can win free presents! Check out here this amazing contest I am organising: The Frenchie Escapes GiveAway X Claire Tincey Design X Sandy Cove Trading Company to win one of those 3 prizes:

  • A watercolor A3 world map canvas
  • A traveler towel “nautical”
  • A photography print of Sydney Sunset by me

You can enter via Instagram or Facebook, very simple and you have a decent chance to win!

Don't hesitate to comment or you know, just say happy birthday to me :)