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Stay cool for the summer in Sydney


After a rough few weeks of rain and cold, temperatures finally started to rise in Sydney. Some may hate it, some may love it but for sure when the sun is on fire, everybody loves the shade!

Here are my top tips to prepare for hot days and stay cool this summer.

1. Hit the rock pools

This is totally my number one because I love swimming and rock pools are so (maybe too) refreshing! You also get to see an amazing view of the ocean, what’s better than that?

My favourite would be definitely the iceberg in Bondi Beach. This shade of blue and beautiful view is a must. However, there are rock pools almost on any beach: Manly, Coogee, Freshwater, Palm Beach etc.


2. Explore national parks and its waterfalls

Best way to stay cool and in the shade is exploring the national parks around Sydney. While it may be very humid on some days, it is still nice to enjoy the green beauty and even better - a dip in waterfalls on the way!

A cool one is at the Royal National Park in the south of Sydney with an amazing waterfall  at Wattamolla leading to the sea with a nice lagoon. More information on the best waterfalls to come too!

One of the waterfalls in the Blue Mountains, so refreshing!

3. Culture yourself with museums and A/C

Fan of modern art or history but also of cool air? Luckily, Sydney has great and mostly free museums open this summer. You get a tons of choice whether you want to know more about the Australian history, animals or just appreciate art.

My favourites are the Museum of Contemporary Art with always cool exhibits as well as the Art Gallery of New South Wales. Bonus: The Art Gallery of NSW is exhibiting at the moment “The Greats” with exclusive painting from Cézanne, Botticelli, Leonardo, El Greco, Gauguin, Monet, Poussin, Raphael, Rubens, Titian, Turner, Vermeer. It is on until the 14 of February!

The MCA in Sydney


4. Look up for windy spots

Weirdly with Summer, comes also lots of wind in Sydney. Why not enjoy a soft breeze then? Top spots for that would be near lighthouses. I’d recommend the one in Watson’s Bay or Hornby Lighthouse. Best view of the pacific ocean!

You can also take the fast ferry back to the city and get a bit more of refreshing air. So ferries + lighthouses? Oh yeah!


Horny lighthouse near Watson's Bay


5. Go sailing

Even better and more adventurous than the typical ferry. Go sailing! There are plenty of companies out there to take you on a wonderful sailing trip around the harbour or even you can learn in one day! Just don’t forget the sunscreen, the sea and sun won’t forgive you.

The start of the Sydney-Hobart sailing race.

6. Treat yourself

Get some ice cream is those great stops and enjoy it in the shade or just go for a bit of shopping - hopefully not during peak and christmas hour! While I can not say who got the best ice cream is Sydney, I actually tried n2 earlier this year - which is ice cream made of liquid nitrogen and honestly pretty cool and good.

n2 in Chinatown, Sydney.

7. Get up early and appreciate

The sun is rising at 5:38 at the moment. Early yes, but also fresh! Wake up nicely with the sun for a bit of a running, yoga, rockpool session and get freshened up for the rest of the day. I tested it and I approve it! I am definitely not an early bird but getting fresh air in the morning while watching the sun rises is super energizing!

So how do you stay cool for the summer in Sydney? Let me know, because we might run out of options…