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A look at Sculpture by the Sea 2015


Each year between October and November, Sydneys-siders can appreciate the largest sculpture exhibition in the world.

Located on the scenic Bondi to Tamarama coastal walk, Sculpture by the Sea is a very popular rendez-vous in Sydney. Each year more than 520,000 visitors discover unique designs from over 100 artists.


The waves of Barbies


This free event was created in 1997 by David Handley, Founding Director, who after a trip back in Europe wanted to do something unique and artistic for Sydney-siders.

“The concept for Sculpture by the Sea was the culmination of many years thinking, where a new step in the thought process came up every year or so. Essentially the exhibition came from my wish to create a major free to the public arts event for Sydney,” said Handley. “That 25,000 people visited the 1997 exhibition, the quality of the show and the media interest gave the impetus required for the future development of sculpture by the Sea.”

This year’s exhibition is once again a huge success with massive crowds of all generations exploring the coastal walk filled with sculptures.



I have three favourites this year: the Rocket, the giant sea shell and the mobile mirrors reflecting the sky, the sea and people. You can also delight yourself with some great coffee and food from the grounds in Alexandria - well actually the Grounds by the Sea in this case. Their wooden installation is super cute and cosy.

Sculpture by the sea is on until the 8th of November, it is worth a look. If ever you are in Perth in March 2016, there will also be an exhibit from the 4th till the 20th.

For all the others, have a look at my gallery of pictures here and stay tuned because my video is also coming for the end of the week!

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