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6 walks in Sydney you must do


What's better than the feeling of walking near the ocean? Well luckily, Sydney has the best walks around and they are all by the ocean. Whether it is to escape the busy city or enjoy incredible views, there's plenty to walk around! 

1. Bondi to Coogee

From Bondi Beach to Coogee beach, there are about six kilometres of pure ocean, wonderful beaches and amazing scenery. It will take about two hours to walk the way but it is definitely worth to take time and enjoy it. If you are a bit of a runner, this is perfect for a nice up and down workout.

My favourite on the way: Tamarama beach - beautiful and tiny.

When to go: any time of the year, sunrise or sunset is the best!

Bondi to Coogee

2. Spit bridge to Manly

You can start from Manly or from the Spit but I would recommend starting from the Spit as ending up in Manly is so much nicer. For 10 kilometres, you can truly appreciate a great walk in the bush and some wonderful ocean views. Make sure to explore the small coves with crystal clear water. It will take about two to three hours to complete depending on the level of fitness.

My favourite on the way: take a dip in the crystal clear water

When to go: anytime, I took a swim even in Winter!


Spit to Manly

3. Marine Parade to Shelly Beach

This is a cute little walk that you can complete very easily from Manly beach to the tiny and adorable Shelly Beach. Along the way you can see some nice houses and a beautiful ocean pool. Once at Shelly Beach, you can go on and go up the stairs to enjoy a wonderful view on Manly and the ocean. You can also explore around by walking in the bush and discover other lookouts.

My favourite on the way: Well Marine Parade, because.. my name is Marine. Pun intended.

When to go: Pretty much anytime but it is nice in the warmth of spring / summer and at sunset as Shelly beach gets the most of the sun.


Marine Parade's pool

4. Blackwattle bay

To be honest I probably wouldn’t know this walk if I wasn’t living next door. Located between Ultimo and Glebe, the Blackwattle bay is also next to the Sydney Fish Market. You can complete it very easily and within half an hour to more if you stop on the way. You can enjoy wonderful views of the Anzac Bridge as well as a bit of a view of the Harbour Bridge.

My favourite on the way: counting how many dogs I’ve met on the way. Usually it is about 40 at least. Yes, I love dogs.

When to go: Anytime but it is a popular walk for locals. If you want some calm, go between peak hours.


Anzac Bridge on the right side

5. Botanical gardens to Opera House

Starting near Woolloomoolloo Bay to the Opera House, the iconic walk is great to discover the Botanical Gardens of Sydney and appreciate the beauty of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House. It would take about an hour to walk along, enjoying every step.

My favourite on the way: have a stop in the botanical garden to enjoy.

When to go: Spring for flowers

Cloudy day on beautiful Sydney

6. Hermitage walk from Vaucluse to Watson’s Bay

Now this is one of my favourite. Between Vaucluse and Sark beach, there’s a wonderful wooden path along small beaches with an impressive view of the city. Between bush and ocean, you can stop as much as you want along the way to relax on the beach, take a swim or just admire the beauty of Sydney.

My favourite on the way: stopping at Milk beach to enjoy the incredible view.

When to go: Anytime, it is so beautiful.

Bonus: continue to Watson's Bay to walk to the Hornby lighthouse, definitely worth it!


View of Sydney from Vaucluse