On the top of New South Wales, almost at the border with Queensland, Byron Bay is a bit of paradise. This is one of the most popular touristy destination after Sydney, Uluru or the Great Barrier Reef. I stayed there for the first time for three days and loved this unique place. Discover Byron Bay through photographs and thoughts.  IMG_1116

From Sydney, I left with my boyfriend by plane to Gold Coast. Byron Bay is about 800 kilometres from Sydney so it would take at least 9 hours to drive there. A bit too long for only three days. It is also possible to catch the plane to Ballina - which is only about 30 kilometres from Byron Bay. But we decided on Gold Coast so we could rent a car and drive down to Byron. In one hour we were already there, so fast! I really think having a car once there makes the trip easier because you can go to places so easily and explore a lot more between places.

Arcardia House, Byron Bay.


We stayed at Arcadia House, wonderful and charming little typical house in Byron Bay. The bedroom was lovely! Accommodation in Byron Bay is not missing, for all tastes and budgets! However, I would say to book in advance as it can get full pretty quickly. I was a bit surprised that the town centre wasn’t much bigger. There are still some nice shops and restaurants but you go around pretty quickly!




The first thing to do in Byron Bay is obviously walking to the lighthouse. Through the walkway, you can discover amazing views, beaches and nature. You can get up there in about an hour or more, following how long you want to enjoy it.

I loved Wategos beach in the middle. It is really relaxing with lots of surfers around. The atmosphere is totally peace and love. The best is to go for sunset. The light then is just magical!




Just before the lighthouse, there’s also the most eastern point of Australia. Quite funny! Then finally the lighthouse - which is magnificent. The view is amazing from both sides and the air so pure. We also did the sunrise at the lighthouse on the third day and it was wonderful. We couldn’t feel even more lucky when we saw a whale swimming around neatly.





Byron’s countryside is also really beautiful and interesting. We left with the car on the second to explore more of it and we drove to the Minyon falls in the national park. The road is really scenic but quite wild from time to time. It is quite high to go up and sometimes it is just rocks to drive on. However once on the top, it is quite impressive how high we are. Unfortunately the falls were not that big but it was still great to see something different. We also tried to look up for some koalas but didn’t get lucky on this one…





The food in Byron Bay is also delicious but quite expensive. We loved Top Shop on the top of the hill near our hotel with great local coffee and breakfast as well as the Palm Tree House at the other side of Clarks Beach. We also like Fresh Byron for lunch.

The road to drive back to Gold Coast is interesting to do but is quite quick. We also wanted to have a quick look at Gold Coast but coming from Byron Bay, I thought it was very Miami-like but in a not very fun way. We didn’t really see much to discover.

Sunset at Wategos Beach



I would definitely recommend Byron for a few days or relaxing and for all the lovers of the beach and surf life! Discover more of Byron Bay with extra photographs this way!