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A weekend in Canowindra


Few weeks ago, I randomly got an email from a photography group in Sydney saying that they would go to the Canowindra Hot Air balloon festival, where amateurs and professionals were in competition. Looked really fun so straight away, I checked where the hell was Canowindra in NSW.

Just one week before, me and leo, my partner, decided that it would definitely be a fun  adventure and nice country getaway. Let’s go to Canowindra, small country town of 2000 inhabitants, four and half hours away from Sydney!

In France, it would seem quite long to drive that far for a little amount of time. But it was in fact very quick and the scenery was really good - going through the blue mountains, the country around Lithgow and Orange and finally Canowindra. It reminded me of the south of Spain.

We booked the only house in the city that was available via Airbnb, Cheryl our host was amazing and welcomed us nicely. I always love going with Airbnb, gives such a nice local experience.

Unfortunately the weather was horrible, so the balloons didn’t go up on Saturday afternoon. We still got to explore the street and small antique stores and relaxed in the 100 year old house.

Finally we got to go at the night festival where we got lucky for 15 minutes and saw the balloons glowing. It was literally muddy out there but so funny to see everybody so excited about seven balloons lighting up, beating the wind and rain. We finished the night in a nice local pub, with some good food, beer and music.

The best part was definitely Sunday morning, waking up at 5:45am to be ready for 6am and the sunrise with balloons going up! I was quite anxious that this wasn’t going to happen but once again we got lucky and four balloons went up during the short shiny sun we had.

With the sunrise, it was just magical! I wish we could get in some of these but you had to book weeks in advance and it was pretty pricey too. One day I will!

We chased up the balloons, met a nice horse on the way and some sheeps ran away from us. Another balloons was up later to dry up, probably the most famous one: Angry Bird.

We then came back home for a beautiful breakfast with fresh eggs from the house chickens and some more relaxing time. Time to go home already with few stopovers on the road, enjoying the weekend while it lasted. Fun times!



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