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Welcome on The Frenchie Escapes


From the escape to she escapes... For those who followed me two years ago on my American student blog The Frenchie Escape, I hope you will follow me again in this new adventure. I couldn't resist starting a new project, but this time I wanted it to be more professional and creative. This is The Frenchie Escapes.

The Frenchie Escapes idea was born during a shaky night flight between Ho Chi Minh City and Sydney seven months ago. As I couldn't sleep, my mind was full of ideas that I was hesitating to let out. But here I go, taking my pen and notebook, starting writing all this.

It took me a while but this time, I don’t want The Frenchie Escapes to just be a blog about travels but a beautiful layout where you can escape from, your every-day life. Escaping with simple things as pictures, videos, tales and others.

From flying a plane for the very first time at only 3-months old to now, I really want to share interesting stories and show that escaping is more a way of thinking than to book a holiday on the other side of the world. That said, I live on the other side or the world myself (depends from where you look) – but I can’t go on a trip every weekend still.

Each month and week, I will share regular articles full of ideas, life and joy. Several themes will appear:

In Life in Sydney, I will get in details about how amazing my new city-home is. I hope this wl give you the envy to travel, live or re-discover Sydney.

With Photographs, I want to share as much as I can photography series and projects as well as a picture where the background is as important. Nothing is more unique than escaping from a picture.

With The Dream, I will each month share an adventure crazier, more beautiful and interesting than ever. A dream that I hope will become reality one day.

In Travellers Tales, I want here to share external experiences from travellers from everywhere – maybe they had an incredible experience, maybe they just took a long weekend somewhere. I just want to know their story of escaping.

In Videos, I will offer images full of live and escapes. Nothing is more real and close than live images.

Finally, in Weekly Ideas, I will introduce random things that can only open imagination and to more escape. Abstract or real, don’t take it too seroiusly !

And many many other ideas and surprises to come! The Frenchie Escapes is also available in French.

Enjoy The Frenchie Escapes and don't hesitate to comment, share and give new ideas.

Escape your way,

The Frenchie

Looking out the window is my favourite thing when I escape and fly away.
Looking out the window is my favourite thing when I escape and fly away.