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My idea of travelling, escaping –


Traveling is a commitment, a commitment to adventure, to take on a new challenge and experience a new life for days, weeks or months.

Each of us have our own idea of travelling: backpacking, improvising, planning everything, going on a tour or couchsurfing…

No matter how you do it, the most important thing is just to escape and see what’s out there. Escape the every day life and re-invent yourself in an unknown place. You can be the best of yourself; you can re-build yourself, or just enjoy this new and ephemeral life. A unique escape for a unique memory.

Travelling is a universal, it crossed centuries and we still cross continents.

Packing, leaving and exploring is just the beginning of a long sweet addiction. You will always want more. This specific taste of travels, taught or learnt, will last forever. And an escape will always be followed by another escape.

I highly think that going on a journey is the best way to discover, understand and love our world.

Trips enrich life with joy, discovery, tolerance, imagination and most of all, love. Once left, the only thing in your mind is to go again.

So now you know what to do….

The Frenchie Escape

Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh - I'm addicted to Spring Rolls now.
Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh - I'm addicted to Spring Rolls now.